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Pets in the bedroom: a hairy dilemma

by Brad Miller March 15, 2018

The Bear Mattress was engineered using four layers of cooling, contouring, comforting layers of foam to increase the pressure relieving properties that helps you sleep better and recover faster . We also go beyond traditional foams and use graphite-gel infused foams and our own Quick Response foam to keep you cool and aligned.

Is Fido stealing your beauty sleep?

We are also use clinically-proven Celliant™ responsive textile technology in the mattress cover. We worked with experts around the world to design a mattress that is universally comfortable, sleeps cool, helps you recover faster and increases your energy.

When the pros outweigh the cons

We use a combination of proprietary memory foams and responsive foams to create a universally comfortable feel with a top layer of graphite-gel memory foam, a second and third layer of quick response foam that adds just the right amount of bounce and support. We decided to use memory foam as the top comfort layer because it provides greater pressure relief, more conforming support and provides superior spinal alignment which is paramount to helping your body recovery.

Memory foam also significantly reduces motion transfer, meaning you won’t be disturbing your partner during sleep. We use approximately 20% visco foam and 80% poly-based foam in designing the Bear Mattress.

Brad Miller
Brad Miller


Designer and developer at Out of the Sandbox.

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