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Genuine Customer Reviews

  • "I never thought a mattress could exceed my expectations. I did my research and narrowed down my selection and choose a bear mattress. I’m exercise 3 - 4 times a week and deal with DOMS on a regular basis. This mattress technology has significantly reduced my recover time from DOMS and I’ve never slept as deep as I am now using the Bear Mattress. All I can say is Thank You!"

    Kurt B.

  • "I find this bed to be the most comfortable bed I've slept on. I've travelled and have slept in many hotels ( from expensive to average room rates) and I personally think bear mattress tops all of them. I do find it gets warmer then I expected even with that the layer of gel. I would definitely recommend this bed to anyone with back issues as it has helped with mine."

    Ryan D.

  • "I bought this mattress because of the good reviews and I am so glad I did! Had the mattress for about a month now, and definitely loving it. By far the most breathable mattress I've ever owned, and the pillows and mattress cover are also really great!"

    Arnie K.

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